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Five Core Components To Be Covered In Your One Day Workshop:


Student Mood Awareness/Rapid Teacher Response

  • When a student is becoming disruptive, teachers remain calm.
  • When teachers exhibit self-control and can read their students' moods, they react swiftly, calmly, and compassionately.

Teach To's

  • Classroom rules and routines are explained, modeled, and practiced in mini lessons called "Teach To's". They are explicit and consistent throughout the school year.
  • Once teachers have taught the rules and routines (such as how to raise hand, asking for help, etc), an effective instructional climate is created.

Refocus (tm)

  • REFOCUS (tm) allows teachers to eliminate multiple warnings and repeated requests for low level behaviors.
  • Disciplinary actions are done quickly, calmly, and professionally.
  • Children are given a choice and provided guidance and correction .

Student and Teacher Relationships

  • Good relationships are the keystone to well run classrooms.
  • If students are aware that the teacher values them, they will be more likely to work hard and less likely to challenge the teacher.

Classroom Arrangement and Design

  • Classroom cleanliness, orderliness, and character influence student's behavior, and arrangement of classroom furniture affects what can be accomplished in the classroom.
  • Teachers arrange the room and set procedures with this in mind.